Discover Dornoch

Discover Dornoch is the ideal app to do and see more of Dornoch, our beautiful Sutherland town on the East coast of Scotland. It uses the location information on your mobile accessed from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks, and mobile networks to provide an estimate of your location.

If you like walking, and you’re visiting Dornoch, this app if for you. Discover Dornoch is now available in the Google Play app store for Android devices, on the App Store for iPhones and a Windows version is also available.

samsungWhat does Discover Dornoch do?

The Walks section is a selection of walks to help you discover more of Dornoch. The average time taken to complete a walk is indicated within the walk listing, to help you plan your day more effectively. Naturally, if you spend longer at certain points along a walk route, or if your pace is more leisurely, the time to complete the walk will be longer. Please note that not all walks will be suitable for wheelchairs.

Within each Walk are notes and directions to help you navigate the full route, a photo gallery, and a selection of Places that you may find interesting either on the walk or close to the walk route.

The app lets you toggle between a walk and the Map, where you can see the walk route plotted with all related Places of interest, and your current location. Choose between Google Satellite and Google Map display, and use Google Street View to see what is around the corner!

In the Places section browse through a selection of Dornoch Places of interest within Eat and Drink, Explore, Shop, Stay, and Try. Each place will give you detailed information, contact details, web links, a gallery and in some cases special offers exclusive to users of the Discover Dornoch app.

If you are coming to visit us at Dornoch, make sure you download Discover Dornoch.


North Coast 500

The NC500 app is designed to allow you to discover the North Coast 500 while on the move, and provide all of the information you will need to complete the North Coast 500.
With hundreds of things to see and do, you are going to need your handy app with you to make sure you don’t miss anything out!
Search for businesses across the map, identify places to stop and see how close you are to great attractions, all on the new NC500 app!
The app will be available offline too – so when you are surrounded by the splendour of the natural Highlands, you will still be able to find out where you nearest watering hole is.
App now available to download for Apple & Android devices. 

Venture North Heritage App

Have you passed Ard Neakie on Loch Eriboll and wondered about it’s purpose and past? Walked by Lochan Hakon and it’s hidden Jacobean Gold? Or climbed the Black Stairs without knowing Telford’s hand in their creation?

The Heritage App will open your eyes to the richness of our past and take you on a tour of the many, varied and hugely significatn sites populating Caithness and Sutherland.

Welcome to Scotland

The most comprehensive and in-depth FREE Scottish travel guide available, the Welcome to Scotland app is packed with quality information on accommodation, things to do, restaurants and events, with many exclusive discounts and offers. With so much knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll soon be more clued up than the locals.

From taking in the bright lights of Edinburgh and Glasgow to witnessing the majesty of the Scottish Highlands, Welcome to Scotland will open doors and make your budget go further.