Mrs. JanIce Mason

LocationKnutsford in Cheshire

We had a trip up to Dornoch for a special reason - we had come up to stay very near to Kilmarnock with our girls & families -
I wanted to visit a old friend who had died some years ago - I wanted to put flowers on his grave just to say thankyou to him for being so very nice to me when I knew him in 1972. When we were in Dornoch it was obvious that many knew Gorden Henry Clunie - the local people I met who knew him could not have been nicer and so helpful. We found his grave out in a graveyard very close by the B&B we had stayed in - ( the best B&B) we have ever stayed in by the way) on the Pillars Road.
I did get some flowers for his grave which he shares with his Mum and Dad but forgot to put water in the flower holder.
He was a lovely man and looked after me in 1972 when we were both at Filey Butlins for the season. He was just a friend but I do wish I had kept in touch with him back then- thanks for reading. A lovely town is Dornoch and people were so friendly.