Mr. Gavin MacKillop


We've been regular visitors to Dornoch for about 10 years now and stay at Dornoch Caravan Site in our camper-van. From curry to antique shops, I don't think there's a retail premises in the the town we don't visit. It's not just the location, range of services, availability of wilderness and town life we like. It's the friendliness of the people. Whilst maybe not on first name terms, we're now often recognised as regulars visitors.

I just wanted to let you know that whilst we are disappointed not to be able to come up and visit what we consider to be our 'second home', we realise it must be so much harder for you, the local people. You will be missing out on your incomes from us visitors which must be hitting you hard; not just you, but your suppliers and all those involved however indirectly in the tourist, hospitality and retail industry.

Please know that we are thinking of you in these sad times. The minute it's over, we'll be back. So will everyone else who visits.

Stay safe.

Gavin & Kate MacKillop