Mrs. Chris Hunt

LocationIsle of Man

We had a wonderful time visiting Dornoch last July when we rode the NC500 route on our motorcycle. I particularly wanted to visit Dornoch because you had made it look so lovely. I was not disappointed. On the way we saw a sandbank strewn with numerous seals and the town was pretty and full of lovely shops and tea shops. I was very interested in the Plaided Ell located in the Cathedral graveyard. Only three of these Ells remain in Scotland. I loved our visit so much we are returning in September this year. There is too much to see in one go.
We will spend more time in your town and I want to see the beach as we did not have time for that before.
I will also spend more time in the Cathedral and I want to take a lot more photographs.
We had some great tea and cake in fab tea shop (sorry can’t remember which one) but I do remember the staff being extremely welcoming. I think the fact we were in motorcycle gear made them interested as lots of us are doing the NC500 route. It is the best thing ever and we are also including a trip to Orkney on our way round this year.