Mairi Orr plays the Carnegie Hall in Clashmore as part of our Music in May celebrations

Mairi Orr returns to play the Clashmore Hall on Saturday 28th May 2016.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see this fantastic musician play.  Tickets availiable from Mitchell’s chemist or at the door. For more details on Clashmore Hall click here.

A Scottish singer/songwriter who celebrates the vibrant connection between Scots and American roots music. Joined by fellow musicians Ross Martin (Dàimh) and Eilidh Shaw (The Poozies). As a trio, they promise an exciting blend of musical styles, interspersing original songs with choice picks from Americana.

“With family connections in Dornoch and as a frequent visitor there, I was intrigued by the story of Janet Horne and the dated stone which marks her place of execution. In itself, it’s fascinating that the last burning for witchcraft (and a particularly gruesome one at that) took place here and Janet’s story provided many pickings – a mother and daughter, a place called Littletown, the manifestation of a devil’s pony, the public ritual of execution and one escape. Janet became Jenny for the song and I focused on the mystery of the daughter (the pony in the lyrics) as little seems known following her escape. I also wanted to highlight how frivolous rumour and suspicion could lead to a frenzy of accusation and condemnation in a what is essentially a dark and tragic story.” Mairi Orr

Stories passed down and those untold, tales of treachery and witchcraft, voices from the past and present, fact and fiction intertwined. Offering a collection of 12 original tracks, ‘Jenny Does Burn’ is the debut album from Scottish singer songwriter Mairi Orr.

Following her 2012 EP release ‘The Gathering Crows’, the new album was funded through Creative Scotland and Mairi’s own successful crowdfunding campaign via Kickstarter which exceeded it’s financial target.

Exploring historical and contemporary themes from Scotland, the album celebrates the vibrant musical connection between Scottish and American folk traditions, bringing these up to date with an alternative folk style laced with Americana and bluegrass. As a songwriter, Mairi often draws on her own west highland roots and personal experiences, crafting lyrics to create a tangible sense of character and place, and as a singer, defines these with empathetic vocals.