#RespectProtectEnjoy- Responsible tourism in Scotland

Scotland is now open for holidays to visitors from the UK.

Check the Covid-19 restrictions to help plan your trip and remember to always book ahead.

Scotland has spectacular scenery and views, wild landscapes, dark skies, breathtaking journeys, amazing coastlines, wonderful outdoor experiences and delicious locally-produced food and drink.

Our recently launched responsible tourism campaign encourages visitors to respect, protect and enjoy this country. We want to inspire Scots to travel responsibly once current restrictions ease; encourage them to tread lightly in the places they visit and educate visitors on responsible actions to ensure tourism remains a sustainable industry, well into the future.

By Chris Taylor from Visit Scotland

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From Visit Scotland’s Responsible Tourism campaign:

Scotland. The country you love needs you. Travelling a little, can still make a big difference.

Let’s head back out and explore a little further with awe-inspiring landmarks and coastal seascapes for the perfect break.

We’ll be exploring responsibly. Getting off the beaten track and away from busy spots, parking properly, closing gates and tidying up after ourselves.

Take a look at Visit Scotland’s Responsible Tourism Promise in full for lots of ways which you can help local nature and communities during your trip.


Enjoying Dornoch responsibly this Summer

Dornoch is a unique, beautiful place enjoyed by our visitors and tourists all year round. We welcome all our visitors and work hard in order to make your experience as enjoyable as possible particularly during busy times of the year. Please follow these guidelines to make the most of your time in Dornoch.


*Please follow our signs and traffic routes and take note of the type of vehicle you are in before driving down narrow/restricted access areas, to prevent roads becoming blocked.

*Please follow the signs to the parking places and park considerately. Please be aware that those with disabilities, older people and those with young children may only be able to walk short distances.

*If you are staying overnight in your vehicle we would encourage you to park at one of the Caravan Parks in or close to Dornoch which have all the services you require to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

o http://dornochcaravans.co.uk/

o https://www.parkdeanresorts.co.uk/location/scotland/grannies-heilan-hame/

o https://dornochfirth.co.uk/


*Please avoid staying overnight in Dornoch in locations that are not designated for this purpose or parking outside businesses or homes that may require access. Overnight parking is not permitted at the Beach car parks.

*If you are visiting Dornoch during the day, there is parking designed specifically for your motorhomes/campervans/caravans. Please follow the signs to Meadows Park Car Park and the Retail Park.

*Please note the road to the beach and top car park near the beach is unsuitable for long vehicles.

*Waste disposal is available at Dornoch Caravan Park and The Lochans for non-residents for a small fee.

*Please camp responsibly. Here are some top pointers from Visit Scotland:

  • Avoid overcrowding by moving on to another location if it’s already a busy spot.
  • Wherever possible, use a stove rather than an open fire. Never light an open fire during dry periods or in sensitive places like forests or peaty ground.
  • Take away your rubbish and consider picking up other litter as well.
  • If in doubt, ask the landowner. Their advice just might help you find a better camping spot.

Take a look at the Visit Scotland’s guide to wild camping in full here.


We hope you enjoy your stay and are able to enjoy Dornoch and the Highlands in a responsible way.

Thanks to @cynthiamdale for the photo used in this blog post!