So what’s a Loony Dook?!

Dornoch Loony Dook. Dornoch Beach Car Park. Wednesday 1st January. 12.15 for 12.3o splash.

The Loony Dook, is a traditional Scottish event which takes place each New Year’s day. People gather together on beaches around Scotland and dive into the freezing water! What an invigorating way to bring in the New Year!!! The name “Loony Dook” is a combination of “Loony” (Crazy!!!) and “Dook”, a Scots term meaning “dip” or “bathe”.

Join us in Dornoch this New Year’s Day at 12.15 for a 12.30 splash! If you don’t fancy joining in yourself then come and watch the brave souls taking part! There is soup and porridge available to keep warm!

Thanks to East Sutherland Rescue Association for their support in running this event.