Ten things to DO in Dornoch: Whisky

Dornoch is the place to be for Whisky Lovers!

Lovers of single malts or those keen to learn about Scotland’s national drink are spoilt for choice when visiting Dornoch and the surrounding area, Dornoch is the perfect centre point for your Whisky Tour of the area. You can visit 6 famous distilleries within an easy drive of Dornoch. Clynelish, Balblair, Glenmorangie, Dalmore, Glen Ord and Old Pulteney are all close by so there is every opportunity to raise a glass to your holiday in Scotland. Sample and compare a range of malts on this ‘Whisky Trail’ by participating in distillery tours and tastings as well as visiting famous Whisky venues in Dornoch itself.

1) The Dornoch Castle Whisky Bar

The award winning Whisky Bar is renowned for its selection of incredible vintage malts and rare bottling, with their vast selection at hand there is a whisky to suit every palate. The Thompson brothers, Simon and Phil, host regular Whisky Tasting for groups who wish to find out more about their favourite drams.

For more information visit: www.dornochcastlehotel.com 
Email: enquiries@dornochcastlehotle.com
Telephone: 01862 810216

2) Dornoch Distillery

Simon & Phil from the Castle Whisky Bar are now onto their next venture. Having successfully developed one of the best Whisky Bars in Scotland they are now putting their vast knowledge and experience to the test and have begun the process of building their very own distillery on the grounds of the Dornoch Castle Hotel.

The construction has begun on the old “Fire House” which was built in 1881, situated in the rear of the Castle’s garden. Although the building is small it has plenty of room for the boys to create their own hand crafted ‘old style’ whisky and organic gin from scratch.

For more information visit: www.dornochdistillery.com
Email: info@dornochdistillery.com
Telephone: 01862 810 216

3) Dornoch Whisky Festival

Our annual Whisky Festival is held in October every year. It includes Tastings, Distillery Tours, Amazing menus throughout the town, a Ceilidh and more. Take a look at our website for more details of the next festival and ‘like’ our Facebook page to keep up to date with the latest news.

For more information visit:www.dornochwhiskyfestival.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dornochwhiskyfestival

4) Carnegie Whisky Cellars

The Carnegie Whisky Cellars is situated on the Carnegie Courthouse on the ground floor in the former Royal Burgh of Dornoch. Opened in 2016 this new Whisky shop focuses on local distilleries, as well as stocking  a unique range of malt whiskies from across Scotland. We also offer a great selection of Blended Whiskies, Independent Bottlings, Liqueurs and other spirits.
The Carnegie Whisky Cellars gives customers the opportunity to get involved with one of our vibrant tastings. These include Malt and Blended Whiskies, Gin, Local Beers and Cocktails.

For more information visit: www.thecarnegiecourthouse.co.uk/whisky-cellars/
Email: info@thecarnegiewhiskycellars.com

5) Clynelish

Clynelish Distillery is located in the popular coastal holiday town of Brora, around half an hour north of Dornoch. The Distillery has beautiful views of the North Sea and the hills to the North. The Clynemilton burn runs over seams of gold in the rock and with this water, the distillery produces a fruity, waxy, slightly smokey single malt Scotch whisky using six traditional copper stills. A warm welcome awaits every visitor to Sutherland’s only distillery and they offer a variety of tours including private and group bookings. Tours, tastings and distillery shop available all year. Please contact Clynelish for more details or to book and see the webiste for opening times: www.discovering-distilleries.com/clynelish

Address: Clynelish Distillery, Brora, Sutherland.  KW9 6LR
Email: clynelish.distillery@diageo.com
Phone: 01408 623000
Time from Dornoch: 30 minutes

6) Balblair

Balblair is situated on the beautiful Dornoch Firth in the village of Edderton. It was featured in the film The Angel’s Share, directed by Ken Loach. Each Balblair Vintage captures the essence of its year in a bottle. They are only ever selected at the absolute peak of perfection and hand picked to represent the very best the Distillery has to offer. Balblair offers 3 tours: Experience tour – £7 (tasting one vintage), Vintage tour – £20 (tasting 3 vintages), Enthusiast Tour – £45 (Extra tastings including wort and wash). The Balblair Distillery tours are intimate and personal – an insight into their pursuit of producing the finest quality Vintage Malt Whisky, using methods that have changed very little over the years. Tours, Tastings and distillery shop available all year. Please contact Balblair  for more details or to book and see the website for opening times: www.balblair.com

Address: Balblair Distillery. Edderton, Tain, Ross-Shire. IV19 1LB
Email: jross@inverhouse.com
Phone: 01862 821273
Time from Dornoch: 15 minutes
7) The Dalmore

Dalmore Distillery sits on the banks of the Cromarty Firth overlooking the Black Isle, the “big meadowland” from which it takes its name. This award winning distillery creates a number of whiskies that are produced in a combination of different stills of various sizes which give the whisky a complex character. Take a tour  to get a rare insight into the skill, expertise and craft that goes into each precious drop of The Dalmore.  Tours, Tastings and distillery shop available all year. Contact for more information or to book. Please contact Dalmore for more details or to book and see the website for opening times: www.thedalmore.com

Address: Dalmore Distillery, Alness, Ross-shire. IV17 0UT
Email: shaun.jennens@whyteandmackay.com
Phone: 01349 882 362
Time from Dornoch: 30 minutes

8) Glen Ord

Situated on the edge of the Black Isle, an hour south of Dornoch, Glen Ord continues to malt its own barley and to use the long fermentation and slow distillation methods followed there for generations.
The soil, the barley, the sea air and the marvelously soft water that imparts Glen Ord Single Malt Whisky with has earned it the name the “Richer Malt”.
Take a tour of the distillery and watch the distillers at work creating a magical malt whisky which is sweet, malty and dry on the palate. Tours, Tastings and distillery shop available all year. Please contact Glen Ord  for more details or to book and see the website for opening times: www.discovering-distilleries.com/glenord

Address: Glen Ord, Muir Of Ord, Ross-shire. IV6 7UJ
Email: glen.ord.distillery@diageo.com
Phone: 01463 872004
Time from Dornoch: 1 hour

9) Old Pulteney

The Pulteney Distillery is the most northerly on mainland Scotland. Made near Wick’s historic harbour, the quietly maturing spirit lies in hand-selected oak casks, slowly capturing the unique character of this stunning landscape with its long seafaring history. Old Pulteney is the embodiment of history, people and place: the Genuine Maritime Malt. A tour is the ideal way to experience this craftsmanship first hand. You can try a complimentary dram and discover the taste of this award-winning whisky for yourself. Tours, Tastings and distillery shop available all year. Please contact Old Pulteney for more details or to book and see the website for opening times: www.oldpulteney.com

Address: Pulteney Distillery, Huddart Street, Wick. KW1 5BA
Email: mwaring@inverhouse.com
Phone: 01955 602371
Time from Dornoch: 1 hour 30 minutes

10) Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie Distillery sits on the shores of The Dornoch Firth, just north of Tain. It is in this peaceful setting, this most beautiful of natural environments, that the Glenmorangie whiskies are created. Alongside the classic ‘Original 10 year old’, Glenmorangie produces a range of other whiskies including the limited edition ‘Dornoch’. The stills are the tallest in Scotland, which means that only the very lightest and purest vapours make it to the top, giving a smoother, more elegant whisky. There are 3 different distillery tours available, all of which include tastings. Tours, tastings and distillery shop available all year  (tastings and distillery tours by appointment only Nov-March) Please contact Glenmorangie for more details or to book and see the website for opening times: www.glenmorangie.com

Address: Glenmorangie Distillery, Tain, Ross-shire. IV19 1PZ
Email: tain-shop@glenmorangie.co.uk
Phone: 01862 892 477
Time from Dornoch: 15 minutes